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Tinamitto; A Nauru Dandy

Maude was unable to record a method for making this figure. The following method is a reconstruction by International String Figure Association member Yukio Shishido.

1. Nauru Opening 2.

2. Pass indexes under middle and ring finger loops, and insert into little finger loops from below. Return with near little finger strings and both strings of the ring and middle finger loops.

3. Insert indexes into thumb loops from above, pick up near thumb string, and return. Release thumb loops.

4. Insert thumbs from below into lower index loops. Press thumbs against far sides of indexes, pinching upper far index string between thumbs and indexes, and (keeping thumbs and indexes pressed together), rotate indexes a full twist away from you, down through their own loops, and back up, allowing all index loops except the one held between thumbs and indexes to slip off. Separate thumbs and indexes, leaving one loop on each index.

5. With thumb and index of right hand, reach through left ring finger loop from above, and grab left near little finger string. Lift left little finger loop off of little finger, and up through ring finger loop, and place it (without twisting) back on the left little finger. Repeat on other hand.

6. Release ring finger loops.

7. Passing thumbs under index and middle finger loops, insert them from below into little finger loops. Return with near little finger strings and both strings of middle finger loop. Then insert thumbs from below into index loops, and return with near index string.

8. Caroline Extension.

Some manual adjustment of the strings may be necessary to enlarge the central shape's head.

To reproduce the exact string crossings of Jayne's illustration, Nauru Opening 2 should be done left-handed.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne