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The Top Cross Beam of a Ladder (Tslem-pis-to-nai, pi-cho-wai-nai)

There are probably many ways of making this simple figure. The method below is one possible reconstruction (obviously based on the Hawaiian figure Birdhouse).

1. Position 1.

2. Put a twist in the loop by giving the right-hand loop a full twist away from you, and then put the string back on the right thumb and little finger in Position 1. This results in a figure that looks like Position 1, but the near and far strings hook over each other in the middle instead of going straight across.

3. Continue as in Birdhouse (either method), starting with step 1, using the modified Position 1.

The photograph shows the figure as seen from below, but to see the exact string crossings of Jayne's illustration, the figure must be viewed from above.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne