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This figure is not included in [Dickey 1928]. The final result is so simple that it hardly seems worth the trouble to find a reconstruction, but the following rather mechanical method is offered anyway.

The loop is doubled, and used throughout as if it were a single string.

1. Pick up the loop on the left index and little fingers, so that it passes behind both fingers, and across the palm between them, and a long loop hangs down in front. (This is Position 1 on the left hand, but using the index finger instead of the thumb.)

2. Pass the right index finger under the left near index string, and hook it down over the left palmar string from above. Pull this string all the way to the right, and drop.

3. Insert the right index, middle, ring, and little fingers from below into the long hanging loop.

4. With the left hand, wrap the right far little finger string once around the four fingers of the right hand.

5. Pass the right thumb from above behind the right palmar string, and hook this string to the right. As you return, rotate the right thumb a half-turn away from you and up.

Note that the photograph shows the figure as seen from below; the illustration presumably shows it as seen from above.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne