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The loop is doubled, and used throughout as if it were a single string.

1. Arctic opening B, left-handed.

2. Insert little fingers from below into index loops, and hook near index strings down to palm.

3. Exchange index loops, passing left loop through right.

4. Transfer index loops to thumbs.

5. Insert indexes into upper thumb loops from above, and then toward you between upper and lower near thumb strings. Hook indexes over lower near thumb string, and rotate a half-turn away from you and up, catching lower near thumb string on indexes. Release thumb loops.

The left-handedness of the opening is essential - if it's made right-handed, then step 3 will end up hooking the index loops together instead of separating them, and the final figure will look like a diamond rather than a house. (This "wrong" figure appears in [Dickey 1928] under the names piko o Kahoalii ["navel of Kahoalii"] and punawi o ka lani ["spring of the high chief"].)

[Dickey 1928] gives the figure's name as hale-kumu-ka-aha ("house of coconut cord" or "house gaurded by aha tapu") or hale o Kupoloula ("house of Kupoloula").

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne