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Wai-u-la-wa; The Breasts

This figure is not found in [Dickey 1928]. This reconstruction is based on Ha-le-ku-mu-ma-ka-a.

1. Arctic opening B, left-handed.

2. Twist index loops a full twist away from you.

3. Insert little fingers from below into index loops, and hook near index strings down to palm.

4. Exchange index loops, passing left loop through right.

5. Transfer index loops to thumbs.

6. Insert indexes into upper thumb loops from above, and then toward you between upper and lower near thumb strings. Hook indexes over lower near thumb string, and rotate a half-turn away from you and up, catching lower near thumb string on indexes. Release thumb loops.

7. There are now two small loops encircling the near little finger strings. With the thumbs, push these small loops part-way toward the center of the figure. (It helps to hold the strings loosely while doing this.)

8. Pass thumbs away from you (distally) through little finger loops. Pick up near little finger strings and far index strings, and return under near index strings.

9. Turn indexes a half-turn away from you and down, on the far side of far little finger string. Hook them over far little finger string, and continuing the turn, rotate indexes a half-turn toward you and up, allowing the original index loops to slip off. Release little fingers.

As with Ha-le-ku-mu-ma-ka-a, the left-handedness of the opening is essential.

Dickey has several different figures called waiu-olewa ("pendulous breasts"), but none of them match this figure. The name seems to have been applied to any figure with two loops hanging down.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne