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A-na-ma-nu; A Bird House

[Jayne 1906] describes this figure but provides no illustration. [Dickey 1928] describes how Cat's Cradle can be ended using a figure of the same appearance - I suspect this may be how Jayne's figure was originally made, but since Cat's Cradle requires two players, and these web pages concentrate on one-player figures, I offer the following one-player reconstructions:

1. Position 1.

2. Pick up far little finger string with thumbs, from below. Keep the new thumb string well above the original near thumb string.

3. Pass little fingers under near thumb strings, and return with lower near thumb string only.

4. With right thumb and index, lift left palmar string off of left thumb and little finger (leaving other thumb and little finger loops in place), and drop. Repeat on other hand.

Another method:

1. Opening A.

2. Twist thumb loops a full twist toward you.

3. Twist little finger loops a full twist away from you.

4. One hand at a time, assisted by the fingers of the other hand, remove loop from each index, and place over all five fingers. Let this loop slip down to become a wrist loop.

5. Insert indexes into little finger loops from above, and return with far little finger strings. Release little fingers.

6. Insert little fingers into index loops from above, and then into thumb loops from above. Return with near thumb string, and release thumbs.

7. Transfer index loops to thumbs.

8. Remove wrist loops from wrists, and drop on the palmar sides of the hands.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne