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[Jayne 1906] provides no illustration of this figure, explaining, "This figure is so distorted that I cannot make it out." [Dickey 1928] has a figure called ahamaka ("hammock") - of course I have no idea whether this is the same figure that Jayne was unable to illustrate, but here are the instructions anyway:

1. Opening A.

2. Release thumbs.

3. Pass thumbs away under all strings. Pick up far little finger string, and return under all other strings.

4. Insert thumbs into index loops from above, return with far index strings.

5. Lift lower near thumb string past upper thumb loops, and off the thumbs, and drop.

6. Rotate the hands so that the fingers of the left hand are pointed toward you, and the fingers of the right hand are pointed away from you.

These instructions assume that the opening is made right-handed. If you make the opening left-handed, you'll need to swap "right" and "left" in the last step.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne