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E-ke-ha-ka; Ace of Hearts

This figure is not found in [Dickey 1928]. This reconstruction is based on the figure Darkness/Ace of Spades.

1 through 4. The same as steps 1 through 4 of Po; Darkness.

5. Release little fingers.

6. Give thumb loops a full twist towards you.

7. Pass little finger over index loops, and insert into thumb loops from below. Return with (double) far thumb strings.

8. Bend indexes down over (double) palmar strings, and into their own loops from above. Release little fingers, and give indexes a half-twist away from you and up.

To make the figure look more like the illustration, push the two central hooks towards each other. (They won't stay there willingly - pulling the strings tight makes them move back away from each other.)

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne