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Wasps' Nest

This figure seems to be the same as Eels Carried on a Hooked Stick, except that four loops are made around the head instead of two, and step 6 (dropping the thumb loops) is omitted.

If the head is used to hold the loops, as in the Eels figure, an exceptionally long loop of string is required. For a more normal-sized loop, a foot (or an assistant's hand) can be substituted, as follows:

1. Position 1.

2. With right thumb and index, grab left near thumb string, and passing it away from you away over little-finger string, wrap it four times counter-clockwise around your foot.

3. Insert indexes from below into foot loops, and remove them from foot.

4. With middle fingers, push far little-finger string up through index loops from below, and grab it with your teeth.

5. Release index loops.

6. Insert thumbs from below into mouth loop, and release loop from teeth.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne