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Sun: with Full Rays

I had to lay this figure out flat to take the photograph, because I don't have enough limbs to hold all of its ends and operate the camera.

The method is my own reconstruction, based on [Maude 2001], figure 81 ("Adiben, Eigomoia's father, a noted warrior with a long beard").

1. Opening A.

2. Keeping far thumb strings held at base of thumbs, bend thumbs away from you, and press down with their tips on near and far index strings.

3. Bend indexes down away from you, and hook forward near and far little finger strings. Pull them forward past near thumb string, then with a half-twist away and up, pick up near thumb string (letting little finger loops slip off indexes).

4. Let lower index loops (still pressed down by thumbs) slip away from you and off of thumbs. Thumbs continue to point away from you, still holding down their own far strings.

5. Insert thumbs from below into little finger loops, close to little fingers. Then turn them toward each other, and then toward you, picking up far little finger strings, and bringing them forward through thumb loops (which slip off). Release little finger loops.

6. Twist thumb loops a fill twist toward you.

7. Insert little fingers from above into upper index loops. Pick up upper near index strings and return, and release upper loops from indexes.

8. Remove remaining index loops, and hold them in your mouth.

9. Transfer thumb loops to indexes.

10. Pass thumbs under index loops, and insert them from below into little finger loops. Return with near little finger strings. Then insert thumbs into index loops from below, and return with near index strings.

11. Caroline extension.

For best results, the strings should be kept loose from step 6 onward. It's very difficult to avoid having the top of the figure (where the mouth loops meet the far index string) collapse into tight knots.

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