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Sun: Clouded Over

1. Make Turtle: the Scutum (Plate VI, number 7).

2. With palms facing down, lay the figure on your lap or a table, and withdraw both hands.

3. Not counting the spaces formerly occupied by the thumbs and middle fingers, there are three triangles along the near (former near thumb) string, and three triangles along the far (former far middle finger) string. Pass little fingers toward you under the far string, and up into the left and right far triangles, and pick up the far string on their backs. Do not pull strings tight.

4. Insert thumbs from above into the left and right near triangles, and toward you under the near string. Pick up the near string on their backs.

This figure is essentially the same as the result of the second step of [Jayne 1906]'s figure "Carrying Money." The same figure can also be produced by numerous other methods.

These instructions are from [Davidson 1941]'s figure XXXVI ("Crocodile's Eye").

Sun: with Full Rays

This figure is a simple continuation of the previous figure. The method is my own reconstruction.

5. Insert thumbs from below into little finger loops, and return with near little finger strings.

6. Insert indexes from below into thumb loops, and return with far thumb strings (not the palmar strings).

7. Caroline extension.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne