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Honey: The Cells of the Comb

1. Make Boomerang.

2. Release thumb loops.

3. Pass thumbs under all strings, and pick up far little finger strings.

4. Insert thumbs into index loops from above, and return with far index strings. Release index loops.

5. Release little finger loops, and then pass little fingers over the strings just released, and into upper thumb loops from below. Return with upper far thumb strings.

6. Insert indexes into thumb loops from below, and return with far thumb strings (not the palmar strings).

7. Caroline extension.

8. Move left hand up, and turn it so that left index points to the right. At the same time, move right hand down, and turn it palm toward you, with right index pointing left.

If step 8 just produces a tight rope in the middle instead of the figure, then back up to step 7, and try step 8 again, swapping "left" and "right."

These instructions are from [Davidson 1941], figure XXXIX ("Goanna").

A similar figure (differing in a few string crossings) can be made from Hollow Log: Symbolic of the Honey Inside It (see that page for instructions).

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne