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Hole in Limb of Tree: Opossum, Honey, Etc., Inside It

1. Opening A.

2. Reaching under all strings, grab far little finger string with teeth. Pull it forward, then let it drop on upper side of figure, so that the far end hangs from near little finger strings.

3. Reaching under all strings, grab dangling loop (former far little finger string) with teeth. Pull it toward you, and then grab near thumb string with teeth, between loops that wrap around it, and hold both loops with teeth.

4. Release little finger loops.

5. Release index loops, but do not draw tight. Insert indexes from above into triangles near center of figure, and pick up near inner triangle sides (the ones closest to the mouth loops). Do not draw strings tight.

6. Exchange index loops, passing left loop through right. Release loops held by teeth.

These instructions are from [K. Haddon 1930], figure 26 ("A Sago Ball"). I've reversed the original instructions (swapping "near" and "far", and "thumb" and "little finger", and using the teeth instead of a toe) to make the figure come out on the thumb and index, and shown in Roth's drawing.

A Hawaiian figure, Kipuka Hele la Maui (Lasso of Maui, [Dickey 1928], pp. 97-98), comes out the same as this figure, but is made by an entirely different method:

1. Opening A.

2. Insert indexes into little finger loops from above. Then turn them toward you and up, picking up near little finger strings, and both index strings.

3. Pass thumbs under index strings, and insert them between palms and strings that run from indexes to little fingers. Pick up these palmar strings, and pointing thumbs toward each other, and then toward you, pull them forward through original thumb loops (which slip off). Release little finger loops. Do not draw strings tight, but let former little finger loop dangle loosely in front.

4. Two strings cross in the middle of the figure, forming a large "X". Pass little fingers toward you through the triangle at the top of the "X" (the side closest to the two far index strings). Hook little fingers over the upper arms of the "X", and clasp to palms.

5. Release index loops. Straighten little fingers with a half-twist toward you and up.

A close inspection shows that these two methods produce the same figure, but viewed from opposite sides, and held on different fingers.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne