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Hill, Mountain

The method below is my own reconstruction.

1. Hang the loop from the left thumb. With the right thumb and index, grab the left far thumb string, wrap it once clockwise around the left index, and then pass it in front of left middle and ring fingers and behind the left little finger, as in Position 1.

2. Put the right hand from below into the long hanging loop in Position 1.

3. Insert right index from below into small left index loop, and return.

4. With right thumb and index, wrap left index-little-finger string once clockwise around left index. Release right index loop(s), and insert right index from below into all left index loops (large and small) and return.

5. Repeat step 4 three more times, until there are a total of four loops around indexes.

6. With middle fingers, push far little finger string up through index loops from below, and grab it with the teeth. Release little finger loops.

7. Insert little fingers from above, toward you, into loop held by teeth, and return with side strings of mouth loop. Release loop held by teeth, and index loops..

It is theoretically possible to get the four index loops by wrapping the string four times around the left index in step 1, and then inserting the right index into the four small left index loops, but unless the string is rather slippery, the friction of the string will make it difficult to separate the indexes. Doing it one loop at a time is much easier.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne