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Four Boys Walking in a Row, Holding Each Other's Hands

1. Murray opening.

2. Insert thumbs and little fingers from below into upper index loop. Return with near and far upper index strings (respectively), and release upper index loops.

3. With middle fingers, pick up palmar strings of opposite hand, as in Opening A.

4. With right thumb and index, grab left far little finger string, and lift it up over the tips of the left little and ring fingers, and drop it on the near side of the left ring finger. Repeat on other hand. (This step transfers the little finger loops to the ring fingers, turning them over in the process.)

5. With the right thumb and index, grab all left-hand strings except near thumb string and far ring finger string. Pass left little finger over left far ring finger string and under all other strings. Pick up left near thumb string from below, and return. Release strings held by right thumb and index. Repeat on other hand. (This step seems unnecessarily complicated, but it turns out to be surprisingly difficult to do it more directly.)

6. Release thumb loops.

7. Insert thumbs into index loops from above. Pass them away from you under all other strings, and pick up far little finger strings, and return through index loops.

8. The near index strings cross under the thumb loops, and then back over the thumb loops to the middle of the figure, forming an inverted "V" shape. Pass little fingers over all other strings, and pick up from below the side strings of the inverted "V."

9. Remove lower little finger loops, past upper loops.

10. Release index, middle, and ring finger loops. (You may need to push them off one hand at a time, assisted by the fingers of the other hand.)

11. Insert indexes into thumb loops from above, and pick up near thumb strings. Release thumb loops.

12. Pass thumbs under index loops, and insert into little finger loops from below. Return with near little finger strings.

13. Insert thumbs into index loops from below, and return with near index strings.

14. Caroline extension. Work the strings until the boys are untangled from each other.

These instructions are from [Davidson 1941] (figure LXI).

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne