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Flying Fox: The "Wings"

This figure is just [Jayne 1906]'s figure "One Chief." The instructions are repeated below for convenience.

1. Position 1.

2. With the right thumb and index, wrap the left near thumb string once around the left thumb.

3. Insert the right index from below into the small ring around the left thumb, and return.

4. Opening A, left-handed,, inserting the left index from above through the right index loop to retrieve the left palmar string.

5. Withdraw the left hand from all its loops, and turn the right hand palm-downward, fingers pointing to the left.

6. With the left thumb and index, pull the two right index loops a short distance above the back of the right index, and press the right thumb and middle finger against the index to hold the loops in place.

7. With the left thumb and index, reach through the upper right index loop, grab the lower right index loop, pull it through the upper loop so that its end lies above (distal, to the left of) the upper loop, and let go.

8. With the left-hand fingers pointing toward you, pass the left thumb to the left, through the upper (formerly lower) right index loop, and the left little finger to the right through the lower (formerly upper) right index loop. Release the right index from both loops, and separate the hands.

9. With the right thumb and index, grab the left far thumb string, and remove the left thumb loop from the left thumb. Turn it over with a half-twist toward you, and replace it on the left thumb. Repeat on other hand.

10. Insert thumbs into little finger loops from below, and return with near little finger strings.

11. Insert indexes into thumb loops from below, and return with far thumb strings (not the palmar strings).

12. Caroline extension.

To make the figure look more like the drawing, manually adjust the strings to slacken one of the two horizontal strings that crosses the middle of the figure.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne