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This figure appears to be the same as [Jayne 1906]'s figure "Flint and Steel", and [Davidson 1941]'s figure III ("Two Water Holes"). It works best with a short string, or with a long string doubled.

1. Position 1.

2. Insert right thumb from above behind left palmer string. As you separate your hands, rotate right thumb a half-turn toward you and up.

3. Insert right index into right thumb loop from below, and return with right far thumb string.

4. Insert left thumb from below into left little finger loop, and return with left near little finger string.

5. Insert left index into left thumb loop from below, and return with left far thumb string (not the palmar string).

6. Remove from the thumbs the near thumb string that runs straight across, leaving the other thumb loops in place.

7. Release little finger loops.

8. Rotate left hand a half-turn away from you and down. Then move right hand away from you and to the left, and left hand toward you and to the right, until arms are crossed, with left hand on the right, facing right, and right hand on the left, facing left.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne