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Clouds, Hanging Dark and Heavy

1. Opening A.

2. Insert index, middle, ring, and little fingers from above into thumb loop. Pass them forward under near thumb string, straighten them, and release thumb loops. Insert thumbs from below into former thumb loop, and let it slip down onto the wrists.

3. Pass thumbs down in front of all strings, away under near and far wrist strings, and up into little finger loop. Pick up far little finger string by rotating thumbs a full twist away from you. Release little fingers.

4. Pass little fingers over index loops, and insert into thumb loops from below. Return with far thumb string.

5. Exchange index loops, passing left loop through right.

6. Insert middle fingers into index loops from above, and into thumb loops from below. Pick up far thumb strings, and return through index loops.

7. Release thumb, index, and little finger loops, and draw hands apart gently, not quite far enough to untangle the central tangle.

These instructions are one of the two variants of [Jenness 1920]'s figure XIV ("The Brush Turkey"), but made according to the (slightly easier) method of [K. Haddon 1918]'s figure 11 ("A Full Moon").

The tangle of strings will rarely look quite the same twice, and rarely exactly like Roth's illustration.


This is a very simple continuation of the preceding figure.

8. Continue separating your hands, until central tangle untangles itself.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne