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Bandicoot: Indicative of the Lobular Arrangement of the Internal Fat

1. Navajo opening.

2. Pass right thumb into right index loop from above, pick up right far index string, and return. Pass left thumb under left near index string, pick up left far index string, and return under near index string.

3. Pick up near index strings with little fingers, and release index loops. (You may need to to push the loops off with other fingers.)

4. Insert indexes into thumb loops from below, and return with far thumb strings (not the palmar strings).

5. With the teeth, lift the straight near thumb string (that runs from one thumb to the other) off the thumbs, and drop it on the far side of the thumbs.

6. Insert middle, ring, and little fingers into index loops from below, and close them over the straight horizontal string that crosses the middle of the figure (the former near thumb string), clasping it to the palms of the hands.

7. Pick up far index string from below with thumbs, and release index loops. Straighten middle, ring, and little fingers, releasing the strings they were holding against the palms.

8. Insert indexes into little finger loops from above, and turning them a half-turn toward you and up, pick up the near little finger strings, closer to the middle of the figure than the point where the thumb loops hook over them near the palms of the hands.

9. Remove the lower thumb loops (that go toward the middle of the figure, and then down to hook over the far little finger string) past the upper thumb loops, and drop them on the far sides of the thumbs.

10. Release little finger loops.

These instructions are from [Davidson 1941], figure XLIX ("Second Flying Fox").

The figure after step 6 is Davidson's figure XLVII ("Canoe"). If the Caroline extension is done after step 8, you get Davidson's figure XLVIII ("First Flying Fox").

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne