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Wolf (Amaroqdjung)

The key to reconstructing this figure appears to be the hint given on the last page of [Jenness 1924], where he mentions a finished pattern given to him by Boas entitled Ammorokjew (apparently an alternate spelling of Amaroqdjung), and labels it "probably a mistaken version of XXVIII". His figure XXVIII is the same as [Jayne 1906]'s "Porcupine."

1. Opening A.

2. Exchange index loops by inserting left index from above into right index loop, and transferring right index loop to left index, then inserting right index from above into lower left index loop only, and transferring it to the right index.

3. Pass left thumb under left index loop, pick up left far index string, and return under left near index string. Release left index loop.

4. Transfer left little finger loop to left thumb. Keep left thumb loops well separated during the next two steps.

5. There are now three left thumb loops. Insert left little finger from below into lower and middle left thumb loops, and then to the far side of upper far thumb string. Hook down this string with the little finger, and pull it down through the other loops.

6. Insert left index from above into upper left thumb only, and pass it to the near side of the middle and lower near thumb strings. Hook up the lower near thumb string, pull it up up through the upper thumb loop, and straighten the index with a half-turn away from you and up. Release left thumb.

7. A pair of strings originates near the left palm, crosses left little finger loop, loops around the far little finger string, and goes back up into the middle of the figure. Insert the left thumb away from you into the right little finger loop, and turning it to the left and up, pick up these two strings, to the right of the point where they loop around the far little finger string.

8. Insert left thumb into left index loop from below, and return with left near index string. Lift the lower (original, double) left thumb loops off the thumb past the new upper loop, and release left index.

11. Release right thumb and little finger, and pass right little finger from above into right index finger loop, and hook down right far index finger string.

Some manual rearranging may be necessary to make the figure look like Jayne's illustration.

A careful inspection reveals that though the overall shape is correct, numerous string crossings are different from Jayne's illustration. It's not clear whether this should be considered a problem - [Boas 1888]'s original drawings are not entirely reliable in this respect (compare his drawing of A Hill and Two Ponds with the actual figure).

If the mirror image of the above method is made (by starting with left-handed Opening A, and continuing by exchanging "left" and "right" throughout), and the final pattern is then turned over left-to-right, a number of the string crossing errors are fixed, but alas, new errors are introduced.

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