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Siberian House (Kochlinee)

1. Opening A.

2. Pass indexes, middle finger, ring fingers, and little fingers from above into thumb loop. Pick up near thumb string on the backs of all four fingers, and release thumbs, allowing the former thumb loop to slip down on the backs of the hands.

3. Pass thumbs above near wrist strings and below near index strings and all other strings. Pick up far wrist string from below and return under little finger strings and index strings.

4. Remove loops from the backs of the hands, and drop them on the palmar sides of the hands. This is most easily done one hand at a time, using the fingers of the other hand to remove the wrist loop.

Two Eskimos Running Away (Mugalonik Enuck Okparuktuk)

5. Release index loops.

The house has collapsed, and its occupants are seen escaping, one in each direction.

In [Gordon 1906], the spelling of the Inuit name is slightly different: "mugalonik enuk okparuktuk."

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne