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Ship (Umiakbuk)

1. Opening A.

2. Insert indexes from above into little finger loops. Then give them half-turn toward you and up, carrying the near little finger strings up on their tips.

3. Insert middle fingers from below into index loops.

4. Bend indexes and middle fingers forward, over the far thumb strings. Pass middle fingers into thumb loops from above, and index fingers down in front of near thumb string, so that near thumb string is pinched between indexes and middle fingers.

5. Rotate index fingers away from you and up, carrying the near thumb string up through the index-middle-finger loop, which slips off. Release middle fingers.

6. Bend thumbs away, over far thumbs strings, thus untwisting the twist in the thumb loops. Pass thumbs under far little finger string, and pick up this string, returning with it through the original thumb loops, which slip off.

7. Bring little fingers together behind figure. Transfer left little finger loop to right little finger, and right little finger loop to left little finger (lifting it off past the new upper right little finger loop). Do not pull hands apart - hold the strings loosely until the figure is done.

8. Pass little fingers forward under index loops and far thumbs strings, and insert into thumb loops from below. Hook little fingers down over near thumb string, and release thumbs.

9. Transfer index loops to thumbs.

10. There are two large roundish loops hanging from the middle of the near thumb string. Insert indexes and middle fingers from above into these loops (the fingers of each hand going into the loop closest to that hand).

11. With index and middle fingers still in their loops, pinch the near thumb string between them, indexes on the near side, and middle fingers on the far side. Rotate index and middle fingers away and up, bringing the near thumb string up through the index-middle-finger loops, which slip off, the near thumb string becoming the new near index string.

12. Bend the thumbs away from you, over the far thumb strings, thus untwisting the half-twist in the thumb loops.

To make the figure look more like the illustrations, enlarge the two small loops which encircle the middle of the near index string by grabbing them with the teeth and pulling up.

Two Men

"Two Men" is a continuation of "Ship."

13. Drop thumb loops and pull the hands apart to take up the slack. Some manual rearranging is usually necessary to separate the two men from each other.

"The Ship", with its continuation "Two Men", is the same as [Jenness 1924]'s figure L.(a) "The Longspur", with its continuation "Two Small Boys", except that in The Longspur, the two loops in the middle are not enlarged with the teeth.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne