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Seagull (T-c-kyack)

1. Opening A.

2. Pass indexes away over all stings, and then down behind far little finger string, and back under all strings, and up into the thumb loop from below. Pick up near thumb string and return, and release thumbs.

3. Pass thumbs over lower near index strings and under all other strings. Pick up far little finger string, and return through lower index loops.

4. Insert thumbs into upper index loop from above. Hook down upper near index string, and pull it down through the thumb loop, which slips off.

5. Pass thumbs away under all strings except near little finger strings, and over near little finger strings. Pick up near little finger strings by pointing thumbs toward each other, allowing the original thumb loop to slip off. Rotate thumbs toward you, down, away from you under the just-released former thumb string, and back up, picking up the former thumb string again on the thumbs, and return.

6. Release index fingers.

"T-c-kyack" appears to be a typo - [Gordon 1906] has "t'keyack." [Jenness 1924] thinks the name has been mistranslated - elsewhere in the arctic, this figure is usually called "Man Carrying a Kayak" or "Entrance to a Tent."

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne