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1. Pick up loop on thumbs and indexes.

2. Close middle, ring, and little fingers over far index string and near thumb string.

3. Bending the hands toward each other and down, and bringing them together in the middle, grab the two strings that run between the hands with thumbs and indexes, and pull them up, allowing the original thumb-index loop to slip off. Release middle, ring, and little fingers.

4. A double-walled loop now hangs from the strings held by the thumb and index finger of each hand. Point index fingers toward you though these loops, and pass middle, ring, and little fingers into the loop and close them into a fist.

5. Bring the hands together, right hand in front of the left, and pass the left index finger toward you through the right-hand loop. Lay the right-hand loop on the left index finger, below (closer to the base of the finger than) the strings already there. Withdraw the right hand, and point the left index finger up.

6. Insert right index from below into (double) lower left index loop, and then pass it over the left index finger loops and up into the (double) upper left index loops from behind and below. Do not separate the hands yet.

7. Pass left thumb away from you (distally) into the left index loops, and pick up the (double) upper far left index strings, and the (double) lower far index strings. Release left index finger, and separate the hands.

8. Transfer right index loops to right thumb.

9. Insert left little finger from below into (double) lower left thumb loops, and up behind the (double) upper far left thumb strings. Hook down these strings through the lower thumb loops.

9. Insert left index from above into left thumb loops, and pick up the (double) lower left near thumb strings (that run straight across to the right thumb). Pull these strings up through the other (double) thumb loop, and then hook the left index down over the remaining (double) left near thumb strings. Release left thumb, and straighten the left index with a half-turn away and up.

10. Insert left thumb from above into right thumb loops. Hook it to the left, catching the cross in the middle, and turn it toward you through the diamond at the left side of the figure and up. Release right thumb.

11. Transfer left thumb loops to right index. Untwist the figure by giving the right index finger a three-quarters turn toward you, down, and away from you.

I suspect the reason Gordon had no name for this figure was because his informant was trying to make a different figure (probably [Jenness 1924]'s figure XXI ["The Beaver"], which is quite similar, though Jenness is wrong when he says it differs in only the final move), and made a mistake.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne