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A Hill and Two Ponds (Qaqaqdjung Sesinging)

1. Arctic opening B.

2. Pass little fingers forward under index loops and over far thumb strings, and pick up near thumb strings. Then insert little fingers into index loops from below, and hook down near index string, letting the far little finger string slip off.

3. Exchange index loops, passing right loop through left.

4. Pass thumbs away under index loops. Pick up far index strings, and return under near index strings. Release indexes.

5. Insert thumbs away from you (distally) into little finger loops, and transfer little finger loops to thumbs.

6. Insert little fingers from below into thumb loops, close to the thumbs. Then turn them toward each other, and away from you under the far thumb string that runs straight across between the thumbs. Hook them over this string, and pull it down through the thumb loops.

7. One of the near thumb strings runs straight across between the thumbs. Insert indexes into thumb loops from above, far enough from the thumbs to avoid the near thumb strings that don't run straight across, and pick up the straight near thumb string. Release thumbs.

These instructions are taken from [Jenness 1924] (figure XCIV, "Qoŋaq"). A careful inspection shows that the string crossings don't quite match the string crossings of Jayne's illustration - Jayne's string crossings clearly wouldn't be stable.

LLX > Neil Parker > String Figures > Jayne